Pacific Island Chapter 


The logo is design as the representation of the navigational skills we island people have, the moon and the stars guiding our voyage. The sailing canoe is also representative of the mode of transportation that islanders used for their journeys. Pacific Islanders have bravely ventured out to seek opportunities and better life as part of their history despite the challenging elements by using the sailing canoe.
As for coconut tree, it is a resilient plant which every part is used as part of the islanders' way of life. This is an example of Pacific Islanders' resourcefulness to use whatever is on hand to nurture ourselves physically and to build a life, e.g., homes, clothing, food, etc.

The seven starts represents the 7 islands made of Pacific island Chapter and the three birds represents Trio programs also working well in the pacific, the Three shining stars represents the successful of the Trio programs in the Pacific.

Sam Kromstain
Chief Legal Counsel ensures we are represented in Washington.

Our logo

Diaz Joseph
His background in social media helps us reach people one tweet at at time.

To create and develop educational professionals who are able to advocate and provide educational opportunities for those who are underserved.

our Board

John McCoist
Our Chief Financial Officer spends his free time teaching children to read.

Mark Priston
Our Chief of Development makes sure we're where people need us.

Chapter History

1975 - Dr. Ratliff agreed to coordinate regular meetings of Upward Bound Directors in Southern California.
1976 - A small group of TRIO project directors convened in Long Beach to begin the process of writing a constitution and by-laws for what was originally called the Association of TRIO project Directors of Region IX.